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The Manager's Guide to Resolving Legal Disputes: Better Results without Litigation

with James F. Henry, Harper & Row Publishers, 1985, 162pp.

A short guide to the then new development of ADR — alternative dispute resolution — including such techniques as the minitrial, mediation, arbitration, settlement negotiation, and preventive law, with appendices of model dispute resolution clauses and procedures.

From the reviewers

"Today alternative dispute resolution is the growing effort to bring common sense to resolving business disputes. The Manager's Guide to Resolving Legal Disputes is a sensible, comprehensible road map to where we are going. Those who think about the future need to understand alternative dispute resolution."

Irving S. Shapiro, Esq., former chairman of DuPont

"Mssrs. Henry and Lieberman have provided an invaluable tool for American business management. Straightforward, clear and thorough, it is perfectly suited to the needs of chief executives, chief legal officers and other involved executives. I predict it will significantly advance the important cause of ADR."
Bowie K. Kuhn, former commissioner of Major League Baseball