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The Enduring Constitution

West Publishing Co. (lawyers' deluxe and standard editions), 1987, 483pp.
Harper & Row Publishers (trade ed.), 1987, 492pp.

An exploration of the Constitution, its origins, its growth and development, and its meaning as the courts have interpreted it, on the eve of its bicentennial in 1987. With mini biographies of each of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention.


Winner of the 1988 Silver Gavel, the American Bar Association's top literary prize.



From the reviewers

"Lieberman carefully weaves together basic principles with fascinating historical trivia. [His book] is a joy to read."

Professor Ronald D. Rotunda, University of Illinois

"Lieberman has an extraordinary gift for writing effectively about complex legal subjects for a general audience. . . . Because his book is filled with insights as well as full of life, it may be read with profit and pleasure by both lawyers and lay persons. [It] is a remarkable feat. A concise, lucid, and live account — and a most informative and illuminating one — of the birth, 200-year life and future of the Constitution."
Yale Kamisar, Henry K. Ransom Professor of Law, University of Michigan

"This book is the most comprehensive and accessible introduction to the history and interpretation of the Constitutional available. I was amazed at [Lieberman's] ability to discuss virtually every aspect of the Constitution, and to have treated virtually ever important case from the eighteenth century through 1986. No one has ever been that thorough. . . . This is a very passionate work, and fun to read."
Professor Stephen B. Presser, Northwestern University School of Law