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A Miscellany

Articles in the Popular Press

“Why Have Lawyers Proliferated?”
    The New York Times, August 6, 1986, p. A27 (op-ed piece, with Tom Goldstein).
“Salvation: Idle the Lawyers”
    The Washington Post, August 12, 1984, Outlook Section, p. B5.
“When Should Lawyers Squeal on their Clients?”
    The Washington Post, January 30, 1983, Outlook Section, p. 1.
“Suing Fever: See You in Court”
    22 Skeptic Magazine 38 (Nov./Dec. 1977).
“New Ways to Cut Legal Fees”
    New York Magazine, February 14, 1976, pp. 83ff.
As Legal Affairs Editor, Business Week
    Wrote and edited over 250 articles on legal and business topics, 1973-1982. Six cover stories, including “Is John Sherman’s antitrust obsolete?” March 23, 1974, p. 47, awarded Certificate of Merit by American Bar Association Gavel Awards, 1975.

Pamphlets and Occasional Papers

Plum Papers
A pamphlet series of occasional papers and works in progress, published by Dialogue Press.
    Plum Paper No. 1: “An Editing Checklist,”
        by Goldstein and Lieberman, October 1993.
    Plum Paper No. 2: “The Art of the Fact”
        September 1998.
    Plum Paper No. 3: “Good Beginnings”
      Forthcoming, 2021-2022.

The Press at James Pond
“Fifty Years a Typesetter: Adventures in Printing, together with Some Meditations on Theory and Craft”
    August 2003, 24pp.
“War Story. Thirty Years without a Cup of Coffee or a Sailor’s Oath”
    January 31, 2001, 16pp. 2nd revised edition (“Forty Years”), January 31, 2011, 16pp.
“On the Pleasures of Connecting and Collecting, or How a Book Buyer Obsessed on Line”
    May, 2000, 12pp.
“Jean Shepherd: A Fan’s Tribute and Farewell”
    October 23, 1999, 8pp.

Edited Newsletters

Alternatives to the High Cost of Litigation
    Founding Editor, 1982–1985. Monthly newsletter published by Law & Business, Inc. (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1982–1983) and Center for Public Resources, 1984–1985.
Legal Briefs for Editors, Publishers, and Writers
    Case editor, 1977–1978. Published by McGraw-Hill.


The Art of the Fact
    Legal Writing Institute Biennial Conference, Ann Arbor, June, 1998.
The Popular Image of Lawyers
    Law & Society Conference, Berkeley, June, 1990.
Litigiousness and the Courts
    Florida Appellate Judges Conference, October 8, 1986.
The Litigious Society
    Address to Phi Beta Kappa Association of Northern California, San Francisco, March 22, 1985.
Keynote Address on Litigiousness
    1981 Annual Meeting of the American Insurance Association, May 28, 1981 (reprinted in “The Burgeoning of Litigation,” Proceedings of AIA, May 28-29, 1981).
The Settler Case
    Conference on Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility, Tufts University, March, 1979.
Ethics and Expertise
    Address to Summer Institute on Ethical Issues in the Management of Public and Private Institutions, Society for Values in Higher Education, New Haven, July, 1979.
The Tyranny of the Experts
    Principal address to Symposium on the Dilemma of Democracy in the Age of Specialization, University of San Francisco, October, 1978.
Delivered two papers on professionals and self-regulation
    To Fellows of the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, Santa Barbara, 1971, 1970.



"Fictional Detectives, Real Hobbies: Appreciating the Leisure Activities of Fiction's Greatest Sleuths"

    Essay in CrimeReads.com, October 13, 2021, available here

“The Ubiquitous Full Employment Act for Lawyers: You’re Not the First (Nor the Last) to Hear About this ‘Legislation’”
    Article in the news blog Legal As She Is Spoke, 2009 available here.
“The Madwag: Returning to 202 York Street”
    Yale Daily News, Jan. 28, 2008, Supplement, p. C2.
“FDR Scoops the News, and the News Strikes Back”
    In The Yale Daily News at 125 (New Haven: OCD Foundation, 2003), p. 105.
“Excerpts from a letter to friends in December”
    In Eight Blocks Away, Memoirs of September 11, 2001 (New York: New York Law School, 2002; Tribeca Square Press, 2011), pp. 147-150.
    In The Liberty Bell on the Kelmscott Goudy Press by J. Ben Lieberman (Council Bluffs, IA: The Yellow Barn Press, 1996), pp. 19-22; reprinting original 1962 essay with additional material.

Extracurricular Writing and Editing

Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review
    Contributing Editor (volume 2), 1966–1967.
Harvard Legal Commentary
    Co-editor as third-year law student of journal of the Second-Year Writing Program, 1966–1967.
Yale Daily News, 1961-1964
    Associate Managing Editor, 1963-1964. Weekly columnist (“The Madwag”), 1963–1964.
The Quorum
    Founder and editor-in-chief, newsletter for Congressional interns on Capitol Hill, Summer 1963.
Yale Alumni Magazine
    Undergraduate notes, 1963–1964. Class notes, 1977–1979.
    Yale campus stringer, 1963–1964.