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The Litigious Society

Basic Books, 1981, 212pp.
Harper Colophon, 1983, paperback edition
Toshiaki Hasegawa Publishers, 1993, Japanese translation

Surveys the major areas in which litigation has mushroomed in recent years: suits to compensate for defective products, medical malpractice suits, environmental litigation, suits that challenge the practices of institutions like mental hospitals, and, increasingly, suits against government employees. Although critical of some recent excesses, the book concludes that much of the litigation serves a necessary function, for without it, the only alternative would be still more government regulation.


Winner of the 1983 Silver Gavel, the American Bar Association's top literary prize.



From the reviewers

"Lucid and balanced. Mr. Lieberman takes special pains to illustrate the difficult legal, social, and moral issues that often underlie seemingly outrageous litigation."

Neal Johnston, New York Times Book Review

"Lieberman backs his argument with substance and discrimination ... Few books on law achieve his careful discipline and accessibility."
David Jonathan Cohen, The Washington Post