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The Evolving Constitution

Random House, 1992, 751pp. Hardcover.

A topical guide to the U.S. Constitution as the Supreme Court has ruled on the issues. Nearly 1,000 essays on every aspect of constitutional law, with a unique concordance to the Constitution; a table of 2,400 cases showing the justices' votes, the authors of the majority and concurring opinions, and the dissenting justices; and a year-by-year timeline of the justices since 1789. Considers the Court's opinions from the 1790s through the 1990-1991 term of court. Three supplements, published by Dialogue Press, Box 462, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706, and totaling 186 pages, digested cases through the 1995-1996 term.
      A second edition of the book, retitled A Practical Companion to the Constitution, published in paperback by the University of California Press in 1999, carried the cases through the 1997-1998 term, added dozens of additional essays, corrected errors in the first edition, and added a comprehensive index (for the second edition, see the listing above).


Gavel Certificate of Merit, American Bar Association, 1993
1993 Outstanding Reference Source, American Library Association
Reference Book of the Year, New York Public Library, 1993



From the reviewers

"A remarkably illuminating guide to the way the Constitution and the Court actually work. . . . Reading this book is like being inside the Constitution."

Nat Hentoff               

"Thoughtful, accurate, and informative."

Albert J. Rosenthal, dean emeritus, Columbia University Law School, in Constitution Magazine