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"Bad Writing: Some Thoughts on the Abuse of Scholarly Rhetoric"

49 New York Law School Law Review 649 (2004-2005)

A short kvetch about the problems of scholarly writing, together with a 4-minute video, which you can see by clicking here, in which Your Author spoofs the sort of tripe against which he inveighs with all foudroyant force. Oh, and if you actually want to read the piece, help yourself right here.

Selected Works

A retort to friends who thought it was time to thin out the bookshelves.
A critique of hypotheticals as a tool for judging the thought of others.
For students studying constitutional law: what it's about, how to learn it, in language easy to grasp.
Political Theory, Government
Resuscitates liberalism as a practical political doctrine.
On writing clear, readable, and persuasive prose. 3d edition published January 2016
An article on the sins of scholarly writing — and a video to boot.
Constitutional Law
The meaning of the Constitution, and how it has changed over time, on the eve of its bicentennial.
Law and Society
The first book to seek the underlying causes for, and consequences of, America’s growing urge to sue.
A searching look at the moral disarray of the post-Watergate lawyers' code of ethics.
Terrorists take over the United Nations and commit a series of atrocities to free their imprisoned soldiers. An Israeli agent to the rescue. Sounds familiar, but this appeared in 1978, before some of the things imagined had ever played out.
Edited anthologies.
Articles in the popular press, pamphlets, and more.